Norwegian Train Stations

Norway boasts an extensive network of scenic railway lines, running from Kristiansand in the south up to Bodo in the Arctic Circle.
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Norway has numerous trains that connect its major cities, including the capital city, Oslo. Considering its extensive rail network, Norway is well connected with the other Scandinavian capitals of Stockholm and Copenhagen, which can be reached by train from Oslo.

In Norway, rail travel offers incredible views of mountains, fjords, lakes, and countryside with many routes passing through breathtaking landscapes. Norway's longest railway runs between Oslo and Bergen across Hardangervidda, Europe's highest plateau. In addition, it connects to the incredible Flam Railway, one of the steepest in the world.

Train Stations in Norway

Check out the most popular stations in Norway

Bergen Central Station

​Address: 5015 Bergen, Norway​

Oslo Central Station

Address: Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo, Norway​

Flam Central Station

​Address: Aurland, Norway

Myrdal Central Station

​Address: 5718 Myrdal, Norway

Trondheim Central Station

​​Address: 7010 Trondheim, Norway​

Voss Railway Station

Address: Stasjonsvegen 5, 5700 Vossevangen, Norway