Stockholm Central Station

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Founded in 1871, Stockholm Central Railway Station is one of the largest train stations in Sweden. It serves over 200,000 visitors per day as one of the major stops for travelers. Stockholm Central is located in an easily accessible location in the Norrmalm district. There are several metro and bus stations nearby.

It is possible to take high-speed SJ trains, Alanda Express trains, intercity trains, and others from the Stockholm Central Train Station. There are a lot of modern facilities at the busiest train station in Sweden, which serves as a tourist hub. Customers can enjoy cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Stockholm Central Station Facilities & Map

  • Station Name: Stockholm Central Station
  • Original name: Stockholms centralstation
  • Address: ​Centralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm

Stockholm Central Station offers 3 locker types that can hold three suitcases each, so you can do your shopping while waiting for your train, and sip on a cup of coffee while you wait.
In addition, there are toilets, waiting areas, and Wi-Fi access points, as well as a luggage storage room for those who need to store things for longer than seven days.

Rail staff is on hand to help wheelchair users at the station.

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