Pendolino (VR) Trains

Known as another member of the Italian railway family, the Pendolino is a modern tilting train that is active not just in Italy, but all over the globe.
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Interestingly enough, tilting trains were proposed by several rail operators who wanted to increase train speed without expanding a parallel high-speed network. Upgraded trains can easily cross curved parts of the route without slowing down and causing passengers discomfort due to tilting technology. The Alstom Ferroviaria trains provide high-class services onboard and can speed up to 250 kph (217 mph).
In addition, Pendolino train coaches provide comfortable seats, in-seat power outlets, information monitors, and WiFi to ensure explorers an enjoyable journey.
The Pendolino high-speed train is the best way to experience Finland by train. Finland's capital is connected by trains to Tampere, Turku, Lahti, and Oulu through trains that reach a maximum speed of 250 kph.

As these trains are single-deckers and fixed trainsets, the first class/business class is always at the front of the train. Aside from the first class, you can choose between two economy classes, a service car, and a restaurant car.

Pendolino First Class (Business) Seat

  • Extra comfy and roomy seating arranged in three rows with the opportunity to select a single-seat for your convenience;
  • Conference compartment for 7 persons is also possible;
  • Generous space for your personal belongings;
  • Free WiFi access;
  • Individual power sockets are provided;
  • Daily newspapers to read at your leisure.
Pendolino Economy Class Seat
  • Comfortable seating;
  • Overhead compartments for your personal belongings;- Free WiFi access;- Individual power socket;
  • Seating for passengers with special needs is also available;
  • Opportunity to travel with baby carriages (prams) or pets.​

Travel by Pendolino Train

Discover Popular Routes in Finland

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Helsinki to Tampere Train

Distance: 187 km

Time: 1h 34 m

Price: $15

Rovaniemi to Helsinki Train

Distance: 877 km

Time: 8h

Price: $120

Helsinki to Turku Train

Distance: 188 km

Time: 1h 55 m

Price: $23

Turku to Helsinki Train

Distance: 188 km

Time: 1h 56 m

Price: $23