InterCity (VR) Trains

Embark on a VR InterCity train to discover Finland in the most comfortable way possible.
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Traveling with pets, family, or business partners will not be an issue with these trains due to their great facilities. The train has five carriages with first and economy class seating, as well as special service restaurants.

Every InterCity train carriage has free Wi-Fi, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and comfortable seats. Each train offers two power sockets, air conditioning, and reading lights. If your train has a service carriage, you may also take your children to the play area, where they can enjoy sliding, playing with a locomotive, and listening to a story.
​InterCity trains have been operated by VR in Finland since August 1988 between major Helsinki cities. In addition to Helsinki-Vaasa and Helsinki-Imatra, the company later expanded to all major cities, such as Helsinki–Tampere–Oulu–Rovaniemi, Helsinki–Turku, Helsinki–Iisalmi, and Helsinki–Joensuu. Finland's long-distance rail travel mainstay has become InterCity trains, and their predecessors, blue-carriaged express trains, are being phased out. The additional price is 17 to 27% higher than the price for ordinary express trains depending on the distance.

In addition to ordinary Intercity trains (IC), VR operates entirely double-decker trains (IC2). A typical InterCity train consists of three to four double-decker cars and three to five ordinary IC cars. It also includes a restaurant car. The first carriages should be operational in 2013. Smoking is prohibited on all IC-trains.

InterCity First Class (Business) Seat​

  • Extra comfy and roomy seating arranged in three rows with the opportunity to select a single-seat for your convenience;
  • Conference compartments for 2-4 travelers;
  • Generous space for your personal belongings;
  • Free WiFi access;
  • Individual power sockets are provided;
  • Extra coin return lockers;
  • Daily newspapers to read at your leisure;
  • Seating arrangement: 1+2
InterCity Economy Class Seat
  • Comfortable seating;
  • Overhead compartments for your personal belongings;
  • Free WiFi access;
  • Individual power socket;
  • Seating for passengers with special needs is also available;
  • Opportunity to travel with baby carriages (prams) or pets.​​
  • Seating arrangement: 2+2

Travel by InterCity (VR)

Discover Popular Routes in Finland

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Helsinki to Tampere Train

Distance: 187 km

Time: 1h 34 m

Price: $15

Rovaniemi to Helsinki Train

Distance: 877 km

Time: 8h

Price: $120

Helsinki to Turku Train

Distance: 188 km

Time: 1h 55 m

Price: $23

Turku to Helsinki Train

Distance: 188 km

Time: 1h 56 m

Price: $23