Stockholm to Copenhagen Trains

The train rides from Stockholm to Copenhagen provide a unique opportunity to see Sweden and Denmark. It is important to note that traveling by Scandinavian trains offers a number of benefits, including the ability to take your time and appreciate the surroundings. Booking your train ticket today is the best way to ensure you have a great trip to Sweden.

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523 km

Travel time

Travel time

5h 2m

Trains per day

Daily Departures


Stockholm to Copenhagen Railway Route Map

Train travel in Sweden has many benefits. You will relish the scenic views and enjoy the comfort and reliability of the trains. However, the best reason to take the train is that it offers such a unique experience. Train rides from Stockholm to Copenhagen are among the most popular in Sweden, and they're worth taking.

Besides seeing some of the most stunning landscapes in Sweden, you will also be able to experience Swedish culture. Be sure to include a journey from Stockholm to Copenhagen in your itinerary if you're planning a trip to Sweden!

Stockholm to Copenhagen Train Timetable

​You can make a memorable trip around Sweden by booking a train ticket from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Passengers will not need to change trains during the journey, which takes an average of 5h to complete.

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in Sweden? Check current Stockholm - Copenhagen train timetable.

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Stockholm to Copenhagen Train Stations

The following information about train stations will help you plan your journey smoothly from Stockholm to Copenhagen

Stockholm Central Station
Address:  Centralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden​

Arriving at

Copenhagen Central Station
​Address:   Bernstorffsgade, 1651 København, Denmark

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