Trains in Scandinavia

Trains in Scandinavia are one of the most popular means of transport not only among the locals but the tourists too. Choose your route and begin your Scandianvian journey.
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Scandinavian Railway

​Scandinavian Rail provides comfortable rail travel throughout Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. You can explore this exciting destination to the fullest extent with rail passes, train tickets, and scenic rail tours! Explore fjords in Norway, Arctic adventures in Finland, fashionable design in Sweden and Viking history in Denmark. The convenience, speed and frequent service, scenic experience, and environmental benefits of Scandinavian Rail make it an ideal choice for travelers.

Trains in Sweden

Sweden's efficient train network connects bustling cities with picturesque countryside, making travel convenient and enjoyable.

Trains in Finland

Finland's trains traverse pristine landscapes, from serene lakes to dense forests, providing a tranquil journey through the heart of Scandinavia.

Trains in Norway

Norway boasts scenic train routes winding through fjords and mountains, offering unparalleled views of nature's grandeur.

Scandinavia Trains Info & Map

Norway trains

Since railway in Norway is lengthy, there are many rail stations for the convenience of travelers. However, one of the more popular starting points for a Norwegian railway adventure is in the capital city Oslo.

Many of the Norway routes start with a train leaving the country's largest station - Oslo Central Railway Station. Thus, take a virtual stroll around the station by watching the video on the left and learn how you could be spending your time before departure.

Finland Trains

Majority of trains in Norway are ran by two operators SJ and Vy trains. The actual trains are categorized depending on their maximum speed, route and departure time. You could choose from sightseeing, regional, comfort night, intercity, express and high-speed trains when planning your journey. Discover the best option for your travel plans!

Sweden Trains

The Swedish railway network is one of the most extensive in Scandinavia. High-speed train service is provided by SJ AB to all major Swedish cities and to neighboring countries such as Norway and Denmark, which makes the Swedish railways the best option for international travel.

On most routes, you'll be able to see spectacular natural scenery that's out of this world - not only fast and comfortable connections but also Swedish scenery.

There are three major rail hubs in Sweden: Stockholm, the west coast of Gothenburg, and south Malmö. A high-speed train runs between all three locations every day. In addition, this train also runs along the Stockholm - Arlanda Airport route, which allows you to embark on a fantastic rail voyage right after you leave the airport.

FAQ: What to Know About Trains in Scandinavia

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Popular Scandinavian Train Routes

Would you like to experience a train journey in Scandinavia? Choose your perfect ticket from different routes today!

Stockholm to Copenhagen Train

Distance: 523 km

Time: 5h 2 m

Price: $56

Stockholm to Gothenburg Train

Distance: 398 km

Time: 3h 2 m

Price: $37

Stockholm to Oslo Train

Distance: 416 km

Time: 5h 33m

Price: $52

Gothenburg to Copenhagen ​Train

Distance: 336 km

Time: 3h 25 m

Price: $73

Oslo to Bergen Train

Distance: 430 km

Time: 6h 30 m

Price: $93

Oslo to Flam Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 48 m

Price: $100

Bergen to Flam Train

Distance: 122 km

Time: 2h 50 m

Price: $90

Flam to Oslo Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 32 m

Price: $131