Flamsbana Train

In case you have been researching Norway train travel, it's likely you have heard of Flam Railway. Here's why you might want to take part in this train travel.
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You will have the chance to see breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as you take the thrilling Flamsbana train trip from Flam (located at sea level) to Myrdal (867 meters above sea level).

Prepare to be amazed by spectacular scenery during the hour-long trip as your train moves at 40 km/h. You can see mountains, tiny, charming villages, and foaming waterfalls, go through 20 tunnels, and take pictures from many viewpoints.

Furthermore, the Flamsbana train will have a gradient of 5.5% for 80% of your journey, proving Flam railway's reputation for steepness in travel. The Flam railway is regarded by many as one of the steepest railways in the world. A one-way ticket is not enough for travelers to fully appreciate the scenery on the railway. Thus, be sure after taking this trip you will be willing come back.
The train ride from Myrdal to Flam is unlike any other and is the dream activity for anyone who loves a great view. It is only a 13-km (8-mile) distance between the two famous towns, but the trip can take up to an hour, since the Flamsbana goes very slowly, providing excellent opportunities to admire the views along the way.

With up to four departures a day, you can easily fit the experience into your schedule. On the other hand, if you wish to travel in first-class, you will need to remember that the Myrdal - Flam train only has one class of travel.

Flamsbana Train Classes

There is only one class of tickets offered by the Flamsbana train - Economy. There aren't many other options, but the views from the passenger side will ultimately make up for the lack of advanced amenities. Take in the beauty of Norway's landscapes as you enjoy an unforgettable trip on a train.

Facilities onboard Flamsbana train:

  • WiFi
  • Comfortable seating
  • Nostalgic wooden interior
  • Overhead luggage compartments
  • Large passenger windows
  • Restrooms available

Travel by Flamsbana Train

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