SJ (X 2000) Trains

X 2000 trains connect major Swedish cities and neighboring countries, and are among the most popular trains in Sweden.
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Modern regional trains offer free WiFi, charging outlets, comfortable seats, and dining cars so that passengers can purchase snacks and meals during the trip. Some trains also have sleeping compartments. In addition to family coaches, some VY trains include travel coaches that are designed to accommodate families with children and are equipped with some additional amenities like playrooms and change tables in the bathrooms, as well as books and videos to keep them entertained.
The company was formed on 1 December 1996 by splitting the former Norwegian State Railways (1883-1996) into the Norwegian State Railways (NSB), the Norwegian National Rail Administration, and the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate. CargoNet was formed in 2002 to handle freight operations, and Mantena was formed to handle maintenance.

Services for long-distance electric passenger trains are provided on the Bergen Line, the Dovre Line, and the Sørland Line. On the four day trains (electric locomotives El18 and Class 7 coaches) traditional locomotive hauled trains are used. This line also offers a night train service with WLAB2 sleeping coaches. Between Trondheim and Bodo, the Nordland Line still uses diesel locomotives Di4 for regular passenger service, making it the only one still in use.

Economy Class (2nd Class)

SJ trains offer comfortable seats with spacious legroom and a table in the Economy Travel Class. For most people, the seats are arranged in pairs, although there are special seats for people with disabilities.

A bistro car offering fresh food and drinks is available to passengers. There are free Wi-Fi connections, stereo systems, power outlets at every seat, air-conditioning, and more luggage space in SJ high-speed trains.

In addition, all trains are disinfected, including the seats, tables, bathrooms, windows, and other areas.

Business (1st Class)
In addition to more comfortable seats, extra legroom and a table, the X2000 Business Class offers free Wi-Fi, power outlets at every seat, and extra legroom and space. There are special wheelchair seats for people with disabilities, which are usually arranged two by one.

Additionally, passengers can order fresh food in the train's restaurant car during the daytime and enjoy tea or coffee with breakfast in the business class.

Every surface, table, seat, bathroom, window, and other common area of the SJ train are disinfected.

Travel by SJ (X 2000) Train

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