Trains of Norway

Note: National Railway company has recently renamed from NSB to Vy, due to a merge.

Some trains are still marked with NSB logo.

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The Scandinavian train journey is both relaxing, reliable, and incredibly beautiful as it transports travelers between the vibrant capital cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm, through breathtaking fjords of Norway and impressive, sweeping mountain passes. Visitors can see otherworldly landscapes on scenic train lines like the Flam Railway in Norway, while passengers can travel quickly and comfortably between cities by high-speed, intercity trains.

InterCity (VR)

If you're looking for a way to experience the wonders of Europe in the most extravagant way possible, you should know that the (ICE) InterCity Express trains can take you from one fascinating destination to another quickly and comfortably! Among the fastest long-distance trains available are these 300 kph (186 mph) trains that connect more than 30 fantastic cities.

Among the amenities provided on the vehicles are comfortable seats, individual power sockets, video screens, air conditioning, and WiFi, which contribute to a pleasant experience. Additionally, InterCity trains offer passengers a children's play area, quiet zones, and a restaurant onboard where snacks and drinks can be purchased. As you are aware, onboard facilities may vary from route to route.

Pendolino (VR)

Among the honorable members of Italian railways, Pendolino is another modern tilting train that operates not only within the confines of the pasta country, but is also widely used worldwide. The concept of tilting trains was conceived by various railway operators who wanted to increase the speed of regular trains without building a parallel high-speed railway network.

​A tilting technology allows upgraded trains to pass the curves smoothly without slowing down or causing travel discomfort for passengers along the route. In addition to traveling at 250 kph (217 mph in equivalent), these express trains also offer high-quality onboard service made by Alstom Ferroviaria. Additionally, all Pendolino train coaches feature comfortable seats, in-seat power outlets, information monitors, and WiFi in order to ensure a comfortable journey.

Flamsbana Train

​Despite its short length of 20 kilometers (about 13 miles), the Flam line has become a popular rail adventure for Norwegians. While the Flamsbana train ride is approximately one hour in length, it is still one of the most beautiful and best train rides in Europe since it travels from Myrdal to Flam Norway and vice versa.

From Oslo or Bergen, regular Norway trains take you to the Flam train in Myrdal. Among the steepest railways in the world, the Flam railway passes tiny Norwegian villages as it winds through winding fjords, valleys, and rivers and reaches a maximum height of 863 meters (2831 feet). Additionally, the train travels at a slow speed of 40 km/h (25 mph), which allows passengers to enjoy the beautiful Norwegian countryside from the train's windows.


VY (formerly NSB) is a national railroad operator. It connects many important Norwegian cities like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, among others. The company also operates the international route Oslo - Gothenburg, connecting important Norwegian cities.
he current generation of regional trains offer features tailored to long-distance travel, such as free WiFi, electrical outlets, comfortable seats, and dining cars where meals and snacks can be purchased for purchase on the whole trip.

​ Some trains also have sleeping accommodations. Families can also travel together on some VY trains in family coaches, which feature additional amenities like playrooms, change tables for babies in the bathrooms, and entertainment options like books and movies.

SJ (X 2000)

Swedish cities and neighboring countries are connected by the high-speed X 2000 trains, which are among the most popular trains. In addition to its 200 kilometer per hour speed, the high-speed X 2000 train also shows the shortest travel times on the routes. Taking the X 2000 train from Stockholm to Copenhagen will take about five hours, for example.

​The X 2000 high-speed train is operated by Swedish State Railways, and features a large schedule and two travel classes, one of which is 1st class and the other is 2nd class. There is free WiFi and comfortable seats on the modern trains. First class passengers receive free coffee, tea, water, fruit and snacks, while all travelers of both classes can purchase drinks and snacks in the onboard bistro.