Sweden Trains

Swedish trains seamlessly combine efficiency with scenic beauty, whisking passengers through diverse landscapes and urban hubs. Renowned for their punctuality and modern amenities, these trains offer a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. From bustling cities to tranquil countryside, they provide a window into Sweden's captivating terrain.
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Sweden Train Key Features

Swedish trains are known for their punctuality, efficiency, and scenic routes, ensuring comfortable journeys through diverse landscapes, cities, and countryside alike.

SJ Trains

Swedish State Railways operates SJ trains, among Sweden's most popular public transportation modes. There are 18 major travel destinations that SJ connects by rail, including Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linkoping, and Malmo. There are two options for passengers on SJ bullet trains: economy class and business class.

As well as being known as the X 2000, SJ X2 is another name for the train that connects major Swedish cities and neighboring countries. Trains are capable of reaching a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour (125 mph) and show the fastest traveling times.

In addition to the free WiFi, modern trains are equipped with comfortable seats and tables, and all passengers have access to on-board drinks and snacks, including coffee, tea, water, fruit, and snacks for First class travelers.​
Facilities onboard Flamsbana train:
  • Seats arranged 2 by 2
  • Comfortable seating with fixed or folding tables
  • Luggage racks & overhead shelves
  • Food & drink available at the restaurant car
  • Wi-Fi & power sockets
  • Facilities for disabled travelers

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Popular Swedish Train Routes

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Copenhagen to Stockholm Train

Distance: 430 km

Time: 6h 30 m

Price: $93

Stockholm to Oslo Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 32 m

Price: $131

Stockholm to Gothenburg Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 48 m

Price: $100

Oslo to Gothenburg Train

Distance: 122 km

Time: 2h 50 m

Price: $90