Flam Central Station

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Flam is a small Norwegian fishing village on the banks of the Aurlansfjord in Norway, a branch of the magnificent Sognefjord -- a fjord that is the deepest in Europe.

The scenery is breathtaking and strolling along the waterside past orchards and hamlets, cottages, and farmland, capped with soaring peaks, quickens your realization of why this is an essential stop on a Norwegian fjords cruise.

Germany, which had a large military camp in Flam during World War II, opened the Flam railway between 1920 and 1940. Although some of the wooden carriages and hard seats have been modernized since then, there are large picture windows that provide spectacular views.​

Flam Central Station Facilities & Map

  • Station Name: Flam Central Station
  • Original name: Flåm stasjon
  • Address: ​5743 Flåm, Norway

As of 1 August 1940, the freight terminal opened for passenger traffic, followed by the passenger terminal one year later. Myrdal Station was built so that ferries operating on the Sognefjord could transfer to the Bergen Line. A new station building was opened in 1998, and the old building was converted into a railway museum after marketing for the service was transferred to Flam Utvikling.

Having an annual visitor count of about half a million, Flam is one of Norway's largest tourist attractions. By displaying different exhibitions that contain text, images, and audio, the Flam Railway Documentation Centre shows what was involved in building the Flam Railway and what its technical challenges were.

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