Norway Trains

Trains in Norway offer a scenic and efficient mode of transportation, traversing breathtaking landscapes of mountains, fjords, and picturesque towns. Renowned for their punctuality and comfort, Norwegian trains provide travelers with a memorable experience while exploring the country's stunning vistas.
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Norway Train Key Features

Norwegian trains are renowned for their punctuality, efficiency, and breathtaking views, offering passengers a comfortable and scenic journey through the country's diverse landscapes of fjords, mountains, and charming towns.

Flamsbana Trains

The petite Flam line has become one of the defining features of traveling to Oslo with a total length of just 20 kilometers (about 13 miles). Although the Flamsbana train ride is approximately 1 hour in duration, it is definitely one of the most beautiful and best train rides in Europe as it travels from Myrdal to Flam, and vice versa.

To reach Myrdal's Flam train, one must take a regular Norway train from Oslo or Bergen. Taking you along the fjords, valleys, and rivers, the scenic Flamsbana railway passes tiny Norwegian villages at a maximum altitude of 863 meters (2831 feet), making it the steepest railroad on the planet. Furthermore, the train travels at a moderate speed of 40 km/h (25 mph), allowing the windows to provide a splendid view of the Norwegian countryside.
Facilities onboard Flamsbana train:
  • WiFi
  • Comfortable seating
  • Nostalgic wooden interior
  • Overhead luggage compartments
  • Large passenger windows
  • Restrooms available

VY Trains

​The most common train and bus services in Norway are run by VY, which is a government-owned company. VY belongs to the Norwegian Ministry of Transport.

The Bergen Line, the Dovre Line, and the Sørland Line feature long-haul electric passenger trains. In addition, these lines provide overnight train services with WLAB2 sleeping coaches. Additionally, there are two regional rail services in Vy.

After the former Norwegian State Railways (1883-1996) was divided into the new Norwegian State Railways (1896-), the Norwegian National Rail Administration and the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate on 1 December 1996, the Norwegian State Railways Company was established. During the same year, the freight operations were split into CargoNet, and maintenance was transferred to Mantena.
Facilities onboard VYNO train:
  • Comfortable seating with fixed (or folding) tables
  • Suitable for travelers with special needs
  • Luggage racks & overhead shelves
  • Food & drink available at the restaurant car
  • Wi-Fi & power sockets
  • Night trains offer pillows, blankets and eye masks
  • Space for sports equipment transportation

SJ Trains

SJ trains are among Sweden's most popular public transportation modes, operated by Swedish State Railways. Providing rail service between 18 major travel destinations, SJ connects such destinations as Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linkoping, and Malmo among others. SJ bullet trains offer an economy class and a business class option to ensure everyone a pleasant journey.

The X 2000, also known as the SJ X2 or simply X2, connects major Swedish cities and the neighboring countries. Trains have a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour (125 mph) and show the shortest travel times on the routes.

​Modern trains feature comfortable seats and tables and are equipped with free WiFi. All travelers, regardless of class, have access to onboard drinks and snacks, including free coffee, tea, water, fruit, and snacks for First class travelers.
Facilities onboard SJ train:
  • Seats arranged 2 by 2
  • Comfortable seating with fixed or folding tables
  • Luggage racks & overhead shelves
  • Food & drink available at the restaurant car
  • Wi-Fi & power sockets
  • Facilities for disabled travelers

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Popular Norwegian Train Routes

Would you like to experience a train journey in Norway? Choose your perfect ticket from different routes today!

Oslo to Bergen Train

Distance: 430 km

Time: 6h 30 m

Price: $93

Oslo to Flam Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 48 m

Price: $100

Bergen to Flam Train

Distance: 122 km

Time: 2h 50 m

Price: $90

Flam to Oslo Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 32 m

Price: $131