Gothenburg Central Station

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Begin your incredible journey by train from Gothenburg Central Station, the oldest station in Sweden. It was built on the former site of a prison in 1858. In 1923, nearly a century after Gothenburg Main Station was opened, it was rebuilt and enlarged, but unfortunately, a fire destroyed much of the building the following year. After further reconstructions, the station looks the same as it did in 1923 with its wood pillars, limestone floor, and glass ceiling.

The Gothenburg Station serves 27 million travelers each year, making it the second most popular station after Stockholm. While you are waiting for your train, wander around the station and find some interesting pieces of art like Laura Ford's bronze sculpture "Weeping Girl." The station has a number of excellent facilities that will make your time before departure fly by. There are shops, restaurants, cafes and lounges to choose from. Additionally, you can head out and explore the beautiful center of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Central Station Facilities & Map

  • Station Name: Gothenburg Central Station
  • Original name: Göteborgs centralstation
  • Address: Drottningtorget 5, 411 03 Göteborg

Located in the heart of Gothenburg, Central Station has 16 platforms, connecting five different railway lines, including Bohus, Norway/Vanern, Western Main, West Coast, and Coast to Coast.
Furthermore, there are restrooms, waiting areas, and Wi-Fi access points, as well as a luggage storage room for those whose luggage must be kept longer than seven days.

Assistance is available for wheelchair users.

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