Train Stations in Scandinavia

Interested in experiencing Scandinavia in a unique way? Taking the train is a great option.
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Trains in Scandinavia are comfortable, reliable, and affordable. Most train stations offer breathtaking views so you can see more of this beautiful country as you travel.

Many of Scandinavia's train stations are among the most stunning in the world. While traveling along the rails, take a break and enjoy the beauty of these beautiful architectural wonders. There is something unique and authentic about each station, making them well worth a visit. Check out these incredible Scandinavian train stations that you won't want to miss!

Discover Popular Routes in Scandinavia

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Stockholm to Copenhagen Trains

Distance: 430 km

Time: 6h 30 m

Price: $93

Stockholm to Oslo Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 32 m

Price: $131

Stockholm to Gothenburg Train

Distance: 226 km

Time: 5h 48 m

Price: $100

Oslo to Gothenburg Train

Distance: 122 km

Time: 2h 50 m

Price: $90