Myrdal Central Station

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Located in Aurland, Vestland, Norway, Myrdal Central Station is a mountain railway station and junction on the Bergen Line regional mainline. The railway station is also the upper terminal of the Flam Line local railway, which ascends from the valley floor of the Sognefjord to the mountain-top junction.

Besides providing an important public transport connection, the Flam Line receives most of its passengers from travelers. There are two lines where passengers switch trains at Myrdal station.

​A mountain railway station and junction on the Bergen Line mainline, Myrdal Central Station is located in Aurland, Vestland, Norway. A local railway, the Flam Line, ascends from the Sognefjord's valley floor to the mountain's top junction at the train station, connecting the valley floor with the mountain-top junction. The Flam Line is not only an important transportation route, but it also receives most of its passengers from travelers. The station at Myrdal has two lines where passengers can switch trains.

Flam Central Station Facilities & Map

  • Station Name: Myrdal Central Station
  • Original name: Myrdal stasjon
  • Address: ​5718 Myrdal, Norway

Three platforms are available at the station. Platform 1 is the mainline platform, while platform 2 is the alternate mainline platform located on the passing loop. Platform 11 is used for local trains to and from Flam. Since the mainline is single track, regional trains are able to cross with freight trains, as well as occasionally with passenger trains. There are waiting rooms and toilets, as well as a cafeteria and gift shop for those needing refreshments. Moreover, Myrdal has freight sidings.​

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