Finland Trains

Finland trains seamlessly blend efficiency with picturesque vistas, effortlessly traversing through diverse landscapes and urban centers. Celebrated for their punctuality and contemporary comforts, these trains promise a serene and pleasurable journey. From vibrant cityscapes to serene rural panoramas, they offer a captivating glimpse into Finland's enchanting terrain.
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Finland Train Key Features

Finland trains are known for their punctuality, efficiency, and scenic routes, ensuring comfortable journeys through diverse landscapes, cities, and countryside alike.

InterCity (VR)

Enjoy the best possible way to explore Finland, onboard a modern VR InterCity train. The trains offer a lot of amenities that make traveling with pets, family, and even business partners more enjoyable. The train consists of five carriages with first-class and economy-class seating, as well as restaurants with special services.

Trains in the InterCity system come with free Wi-Fi in each carriage, accessible toilets, and comfortable seats with reading lights, air-conditioning, and power sockets for every two seats. Some Intercity trains also have a play area located on the service carriage, equipped with a slide, a locomotive, and a library, perfect for young children.

Pendolino (VR)

Unlike conventional trains, Pendolino trains have a unique tilting technology that allows them to maintain speed when passing through curves. The trains are single-deckers and fixed train sets, so the front of the train is always occupied by first class and business class.

Aside from first-class, you can also find restaurant cars, service carriages, and cars for two economy classes.

Traveling by Finland Trains

Popular Train Routes in Finland

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Helsinki to Rovaniemi Train

Distance: 877 km

Time: 7h 59 m

Price: $120

Rovaniemi to Helsinki Train

Distance: 877 km

Time: 8h

Price: $120

Helsinki to Turku Train

Distance: 188 km

Time: 1h 55 m

Price: $23

Turku to Helsinki Train

Distance: 188 km

Time: 1h 56 m

Price: $23